Ballast Water Treatment


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Tailored retrofit BWTS solutions

To be compliant with The International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments you need a Ballast Water Treatment System on your vessel, but on most vessels there is no or limited space for retrofitting a ballast water treatment system. Therefore you risk having a lengthy and complex process with retrofit of BWTS.

FAYARD’s hands-on knowledge and proven working procedures are essential if you want a cost-effective and fast implementation. We have worked with retrofit installations of various systems for decades, utilizing our unique facilities and efficient processes.

Our capabilities, accumulated knowledge and flexible project management make us the most qualified supplier for your retrofit needs, and we customize each project to meet your requirements and time schedule, so that you minimize dock time. We strive to meet your existing docking schedule or arrange for installation during your voyage – in other words, we make it easy to retrofit BWTS.

Retrofits involve partnerships, and we work closely with your chosen system supplier and your engineering department, if this is your preferred scope. Otherwise, we can secure competencies from our own network for engineering support, 3D laser scanning, class approval and more, giving you just single point of installation contact; FAYARD. Systems are always sourced with well-known and proven technology providers.

At FAYARD you can chose from the following Installation activities:

  • Desktop Survey
  • Vessel Survey
  • 3D Laser Scan for modelling to CAD allowing prefabrication of major components
  • Installation Design and Layout
  • Cost benefit analysis for installation options
  • Isometric drawings for structural and piping requirements
  • Preparation and submission of documentation for Class approval of installation
  • Safe storage of Owner’s purchased BWTS while preparing installation
  • Purchasing of installation material and installation components required
  • Pre-fabrication of piping systems etc.
  • Installation
  • Red Line update of relevant P&IDs
  • Installation manual showing tie-ins to existing systems etc.
  • Update BWM Plan & Trim and Stability Manual, if required
  • Class approval of BWTS installation
  • BWTS commissioning assistance to BWTS Maker
  • Training the ship’s crew in the new installation