Our shipyard services

Our shipyard services

Not only are we dry docking more than 100 vessels per year, we also assist shipowners and new-building yards by giving access to our facilities and services for on-board works and commissioning that do not fall under the ordinary and scheduled drydockings. Furthermore owners are able to bring in directly contracted service providers subject to acceptance of our demand for full compliance to our HSE requirements.

Our full complement of services is available round the clock, 365 days a year at reasonable and competitive rates.

Dock and berth rental

On occasion we rent part of our docks and working berth space for new vessels, which have exceeded the docking schedule at another shipyard. Installation and commissioning are then completed here at our premises.

Warehousing and cargo handling

We offer open and covered storage space that is conveniently situated with 24 hour secured access and cargo handling services.

Workforce rental

Ship owners and operators can also draw on assistance from our skilled workforce for single projects, which are not necessarily part of our scope of delivery. We offer contract personnel for electrical, hydraulic and mechanical repairs 24/7.

Transport of heavy loads

Our site is covered by numerous dockside cranes with up to 100 tonnes load capacity and 72.5 meters in reach. Dock 3 is also covered by a 1,000 tonnes gantry crane. In addition we have access to mobile cranes and scaffold stairs, and can thus provide you lifting capacities and heavy load transportation of almost any kind.

Electrical supply and internet

All docks are supplied with 1000 A/440 V/60 Hz and 1200 A/400 V/50 Hz and access to compressed air. The entire facility offers free internet WIFI access.

Waste water discharge

In the docks we can provide connection to our waste water treatment and discharge system.