Use the calculator in order to determine how fast we can dry dock your vessel at FAYARD.


Select the location point closest to the current possition of your vessel


This is the time it will take your vessel to get to FAYARD at Lindo including the time it will take to dry dock your vessel.

call +45 75 92 00 00 to let us know you are coming!


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FAYARD A/S standard docking information

Harbor information:

Vessel & cargo details: must be send to E-mail: direct or via agent.


ISPS: The main gate is manned 24/7

The ID is Lindø Industripark DK001



Harbor pilot from Gabet P/S is requested for vessels with a BEAM above 15 meters and LOA above 100 meters.

Pilot boarding

positions at sea:

Pilot station “Buoy 23” in T-route (55°39’00N / 10°46’00E) – time to Fayard 90 minutes.

Harbor pilot station “Gabet” (55°33’30N / 10°33’30E) – time to Fayard 45 minutes.

Contact details for Danpilot:


Phone: +45 63 25 66 66

Channel: 87 (simplex)

Please inform the pilot/agent if there is any restrictions on the engines/thrusters.



Regarding tug assistance, it is up to the Captain to decide requirements of tugs. Svitser has located an 35 tons’ tug boat with base port Fayard/Odense. Notice for an 60 tons’ tugs is minimum 6 hours.

For information the tarif for the tug incl. 3 hours operation.


Agents on location:

Shipping DK:  +45 28 88 00 00
Fredericia Shipping:  +45 76 20 20 20
Blue Water Shipping:  +45 79 13 42 74


Tank Washing Water:

The Tank Washing Water has to be pumpable in not heated condition. Following has to be documented by the master, before the discharging can start:

  • Ships name, date, time and position (Fayard)
  • Quantity m3
  • lnformation’s for the 3 previous cargo types
  • Flashpoint information

With a flashpoint below 55°C special attention had to be made.

4″ connection had to be arranged at the manifold. Position to be agreed later. After discharging the total quantity will be stated on the “discharging certificate”.


Drafts for docking at standard Blocks:

Dock 1 & 2: The draft at normal tide is maximum 6 meters. The trim of the dock is 0 and you can arrive with a trim of 1.2 meters if needed.

Dock 3: The draft at normal tide is maximum 7 meters. The trim of the dock is 0 and you can arrive with a trim of 1.2 meters if needed.

Dock 4: The draft at normal tide is maximum 7 meters. The trim of the dock is 14 mm/m.

Please note: For other draft requirements, arrangement of non-standard keel blocks to be agreed upon in due time


Entering the dock:

The dock and ship personal has to be on channel VHF 13 until the dock master has contacted the ship and confirmed that the docking process is finished.

Afterward Fayard personal can be contacted accordance the telephone list.

During the docking / undocking process attention had to be taken, to reduce the turbulent in the dock. Our recommendation is minimum speed and pitch.

You will navigate close to the final position and then Fayard will use our lines in each corner of the vessel for positioning, unless otherwise is agreed by mail before arrival.

After positioning we start emptying of the dock. It will take about

4 hours in dock 1

4 hours in dock 2

12 hours in dock 3

2.5 hours in dock 4

As soon you are in fixed position we arrange all the connections as per agreements.

1 gangway will be arranged ASAP. Position to be agreed by mail.

Contact details regarding Docking process:

Kent Gorm Nielsen


Phone: +45 21 61 55 71



The dock master will advise when you can start de-ballasting. Due to our electrical connections for the cranes are placed at the quay side, all ballast water shall be discharged through the bottom or pipe away from the quay. If the discharge pipe is above the quay side, please inform us by mail before arrival, then we will arrange a covering for leading the ballast water away from our electrical connections.



A safety meeting will be arranged after the docking procedure is finished.

The fire Plan to be arranged at gangway/gangway tower.

Please inform by mail if the Yard shall arrange an chemist for issue arrival certificate.

Evacuation of the ship

In case of an evacuation is needed during the dock period, the signal for the ship shall be the muster signal  ……. _  (7 short and one long).

Emergency calls 112
Police 114
Main Gate-Porten +45 30 83 09 00