FAYARD Catering Service

In today’s competitive market, it is important to keep your workforce satisfied and sound. What better way than offering access to a cantina that serves quality meals and catering for meetings and conferences?

In FAYARD Catering Service we serve in excess of 4,000 thousand meals a month.

Our range of catering services covers everything from Xxxxx and and and.

Whether it is a coffee break or an elegant three-course dinner, our staff stands ready to accommodate your needs. FAYARD Catering Service provides full service catering to all companies at Lindø Indstrial Park.

Menus planned by our chefs take into consideration such factors as ethnic diversity, nutrition and the nature of the labour force.

For catering arrangements, please contact our catering office at +45 98 76 54 32 or e-mail our staff at catering@fayard.dk.

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