Life time extension

Life time extension of rigs

In order to prolong the rig life and make operation safer and more efficient, we do all kind of refurbishment work such as replacing the steelwork, servicing rotating equipment, enhancement of living quarters, crane overhauls etc.

Structural integrity is a key element of the classification scope of rigs and jack-ups. Thorough verification of the hull, legs, jacking system and spudcan structures are very important parts of any classification survey on jack-ups.

We handle renewal surveys, special periodic surveys, upgrades and other work on rigs efficiently and in a speedy manner. Our HSE&Q set-up, dedicated to safety, includes our work permit system that is second to none, and developed specifically for offshore.

At our 700 meter working berth and large dry docks we have created a professional setup for the maintenance and life time extension programs for rigs and jack-ups.