Speed is all

Our facilities, highly skilled staff, and innovative IT solution for work safety permits ensure a fast and efficient workflow and we are known for a quick, safe and reliable service – much like a pit stop yard.

In 2011, we invested in 3 modern dock gates and an upgrade of the pumping systems to increase the docking efficiency. Due to these upgrades we can start working on your vessel only 3-4 hours after your arrival. The dock gates in 3 of our docks open or close in just 4 minutes.

Along with efficient planning tools, the speed of our docks give us the ability to maintain optimum dock utilisation, which permits us to meet demands for extremely fast and efficient yard stays.

Our staff’s valuable experience within ship repair enable us to set a firm deadline for each project and stick to it in order to avoid any delays for our customers, while keeping a transparent and good co-operation with our customers at all times.

Speed is all – Quality is everything clearly states our priorities and the fact that we never compromise quality for speed – even though speed is one of our biggest assets.